New Faiths

There will be some changes to deities and religions. First, when someone dies, their soul goes to be judged by Osiris, The Eternal Scales. Once that happens, the soul then heads to The Underwhere, where Thanatos, Lord of the Underwhere, watches over those souls waiting for its next life. There it is held until it is needed, whereupon the soul is reincarnated back into the Material Plane, taking a form dependent on the judgment it received from Osiris.

This does a few things. First, it will effect your skills, as seen in character creation. Second, since souls are reincarnated, this can pose complications for raise dead spells. Once the soul is in its new body, anything less than a True Resurrection will fail (3 rounds of prayer and meditation from a divine spellcaster can tell if the soul has moved on, or if it is still in storage). This also poses moral issues for good clerics, as upon casting of a True Resurrection spell, the old body is brought back to life, but unfortunately it rips the soul from the new body, creating a horribly powerful undead shell, an Unsurrected. Fortunately, due to how random the reincarnation process is, no one has ever encountered more than one Unsurrected at a time.

Favored weapons will be giving you a bit more flexibility and choice. They are set in groups (e.g. swords-longsword, shortsword, greatsword, etc.); clerics pick a weapon from the group to be proficient in.

Deity of Name Areas of Concern Domains Favored Weapons
LG Sekhmet protection, healing, hunting, medicine, rulers Good Healing Law Nobility Protection sword
NG Jenova travel, space, communities, evangelism, perfection Community Glory Good Magic Travel unarmed/monk weapons
CG Apollo music, poetry, sun, medicine, light Artifice Charm Chaos Good Sun bow
LN Anubis knowledge, preservation, guards, armies Law Knowledge Nobility Protection War sickle
N Osiris justice, judging, magic, reincarnation, freedom Air Knowledge Liberation Magic Rune flail
CN Loki secrets, mischief, shape shifting, luck Charm Chaos Luck Madness Trickery thrown weapons
LE Mephisto hatred Darkness Evil Law Scalykind Trickery pick
NE Baal destruction Destruction Death Evil Strength Void scimitar/falchion
CE Diablo terror Chaos Evil Fire Madness War whip/spiked chain
Fire Vulcan blacksmiths, artisans, metals, fire, volcanoes Artifice Fire Rune Sun Strength hammer
Water Leviathan the ocean, tidal waves, water, seafaring Darkness Healing Liberation Travel Water trident/net
Earth Geb earthquakes, crops, farming, earth Animal Community Destruction Earth Plant axe
Air Ramuh thunder, lightning, storms, stealth Air Charm Luck Trickery Weather polearms
Death Thanatos sleep, death, burial Death Darkness Earth Repose Void scythe
Time Crono time, age, entropy, infinity Healing Liberation Nobility Repose Void scimitar
War Odin war, battle, victory, strength, commanders Destruction Glory Nobility Strength War spear
Nature Gaia growth, nature, plants, animals, life Animal Plant Scalykind Water Weather club
Light Erana peace, sanctuary, calm, good deeds, safety Community, Good, Healing, Magic, Protection staff
Darkness Avoozl undead, the dark, tentacled beasts, shadows Madness, Void, Evil, Darkness, Death mace

New Faiths

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