Quest for Glory

Session 5

Your title here…What Happened?

  • Headed to the forest to look for the Dryad.
  • We witness a meeting between Brutus the brigand and Bruno the city guard. We learn how to bypass “the bouncer” and that Brutus has a key to the backdoor.
  • We chase down Brutus, take his key, and question him. At this point, we’re pretty sure the brigand chief is the Baron’s daughter.
  • Whiskers get caught out in a lie about where the most recent job came from, but he gives us the “big eyes” and we let him off the hook.
  • We find the White Stag who leads us through the woods to the Dryad’s grove. (We may actually be able to find our way back here again.)
  • She confirms that the brigand leader is the Baron’s daughter under some sort of transformation spell. We’re going to need the apothecary’s help to make the dispelling contact potion.
  • We need to find the Spore-Spitting Spira and get a seed.
  • We easily get the seed and go back to the Dryad. On the way there, we’re ambushed by three Sauri.
  • Dryad gives us a glowing acorn to take to Amelia Appleberry. She tells us she also needs flying water, green fur, and faerie dust. She tells us where a fairy circle is.
  • We go to get Wolfgang to go Mantray hunting while we look for these other things.
  • We meet some Pixies and after dancing with them they give us some Pixie dust, some mushrooms, and directions.
  • We go forest stomping during the day and find a sleeping Mantray. It puts up a good fight, but we kill it and harvest some of its green fur.
  • Take everything back to town and Amelia crafts the potion for us using the Dryad’s instructions.
  • We have arrived at the back door to the brigand camp and passed the bouncing guardian.


All loot has been distributed.

Your title here…What Do We Do Next?

Go into the brigand camp and try to get this purple stuff on the leader.


bentieman Khaaaan

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