Quest for Glory

Session 35

Glory Achieved

What Happened?

  • We do some quick shopping and raise the alarm for the city to try to evacuate people.
  • We go to the mountain to try to intercept the Dragon while it is still in the cave. The earthquakes are getting stronger and more frequent. We can hear roaring form the cave.
  • Melest punches the hell out of an illusion of the Dragon. The the Projected Image casts Harm on Melest, nearly killing him in one blow.
  • Wimnor Dispels the Projected Image.
  • Lyran straightens the leaning Dragon Pillar and Melest seats it in its socket.
  • The Dragon tears into Whiskers, grabs him in his mouth, and breaths negative energy all over us.
  • The Dragon Pillar reacts somehow that diminishes the Dragon in some way.
  • Lyran and Melest have a great round and hurt the Dragon very badly. Whiskers can’t seem to lay a glove on the Dragon.
  • The Dragon tried to fly away and gets hit several times. The Dragon’s breath weapon blinds Whiskers and Wimnor and nearly kills all of us.
  • The Dragon Pillar flairs again and the Dragon shrinks from Gargantuan to Huge.
  • Lyran Teleports himself and Melest above the Dragon and Melest finishes it off with his Pummeling Style!
  • Lyran says, “It still only counts as one.”
  • There is a grand ceremony in our honor. All the poised people have recovered. Lyran is now King.


  • We have unimaginable wealth now.

What Do We Do Next?

  • Next

Live on in legend.


bentieman Khaaaan

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