Quest for Glory

Session 34

What Happened?

  • We Teleport to Minos’s island to find out what’s really going on.
  • The house is protected against teleportation magic, so we Teleport to the island and break into the mansion.
  • Avoiding a pair of Good guards, we circle around to the back door.
  • We learn that Goons hit like Rancors.
  • During the very difficult fight, Melest gets turned into a rabbit by one of the Sorcerers.
  • And then Wimnor gets turned into a snake!
  • After the Babau Demons that Lyran summoned managed to change Melest and Wimnor back, we triumphed over the Goons and Sorcerers.
  • The entire keep begins to tremble as Minos begins some sort of bad ritual. So, using the Demons as scouts, we head into the tower.
  • Lyran replaces his Babaus with a trio of Succubi and Dominates one of the Goons guarding Minos.
  • We manage to defeat Minos and interrupt his ritual leaving us with a shattered ritual stone, but the entire island is shaking now. So,Minos will not become the Dragon, but the Dragon of Doom has now been summoned!


  • We have unimaginable wealth now.

What Do We Do Next?

  • Next

Defeat the Dragon of Doom


Oh god

Session 34
bentieman Khaaaan

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