Quest for Glory

Session 32

Like a Bat Out of Hades

What Happened?

*We go to the volcano looking for water entering the earth. We bleed, pour, and chant. It creates an earthquake!

  • …aaaaaaaand now we’re in Hades. In front of Cerebus.
  • Our choices are to feed him some virgins or fight. We decide to fight.
  • Whiskers is paralyzed by the gaze of Cerebus! Wimnor is panicked by his howl!
  • Melest gets paralyzed while in melee with the beast while Lyran is seriously wounded.
  • As Whiskers and Wimnor re-enter the fray, things turn around. As Melest becomes unparalyzed, he finishes the great beast off.
  • We enter the gate of Hades.
  • In a room with a small pond of black liquid, we’re attacked by a pair of Grave Knights.
  • One of the Grave Knights bull rushes Whiskers into the river causing Whiskers to lose his memories. Perhaps this is the River Styx.
  • We kill them shortly after that.
  • Next, we enter a chamber with a Devourer and two Grave Knights. We kill them in a damaging fight, but Lyran is energy drained by the Devourer.
  • We get to a room full of pillars and the floor is covered in bones. As we traverse it, the bones form up into a Huge Skeleton. It’s a Gashadokuro. It’s bad.
  • We defeat the Undead menace and rest and recover. As we move to investigate the second river, a floating figure addresses us.
  • Arana comes forth to talk to Lyran. Katrina speaks with Melest. We (Lyran & Melest) each sacrifice part of their life forces to birng their loves back to life. Arana is on Limnos, Katrina is on Zante.
  • As a reward for our deeds in saving so many lives, we are allowed to return to the land of the living.
  • We teleport to Shapier for healing. Then back to the city to claim our victory.
  • The poisoned people are slowly recovering from the poison thanks to the black louts antitoxin the alchemist made. He gives some to us and begins treating Erasmus with the Waters of Lythe.
  • Someone delivers us some (probably poisoned chocolates) which we tale to the alchemist.
  • Another Dragon Pillar has been destroyed. “Dragon regains its strength.”
  • The next Rite is the Rite of Peace (go to Atlantis and negotiate a peace with the Tritons).


  • Mercenary note ordering them to interfere with the Rites. Signed by “M”
  • + 2 Belt of Strength (Wimnor)
  • Water from the River Lythe.
  • Water from the River Styx.

What Do We Do Next?

  • Go to Atlantis. Negotiate peace with the Queen.

Current Quests

  • Compete in the Rites of Rulership.
  • Meet Arana on the Isle of Limnos.
  • Mete Katrina on the Isle of Zante.


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