Quest for Glory

Session 28

Quests & The Rites of Rulership Begin

What Happened?

  • We go out onto the island to look for Pegasus feathers after gathering a bit of information.
  • We find a second Dragon Pillar. “By the raising of this stone, now the Dragon sleeps.”
  • We easily get a bunch of feathers by turning Whiskers invisible and using a Fly spell to get into the nest.
  • We look for signs of raiders and find nothing.
  • We go to the arena to watch the match between Kokino and Elsa. Elsa wins.
  • We go to the Hall of Kings for the first day of the Rites if Rulership.
  • We see Gort for the first time. Gort is a Flesh Golem (sort of). It’s “intelligent” after a fashion, but still seems like it would be a bad king. He seems to be “controlled” by some bald scientist.
  • The first rite is the Rite of Freedom. Free a fishing village to help repulse the invaders. We are left with Naxos.
  • After using a Prying Eyes spell to scout out the village, we Dimension Door into what we thought would be the leader’s room. We were right. An epic battle ensues. We won.

What Do We Do Next?

Ben will tell us the loot next session.

Current Quests

  • Compete in the Rites of Rulership.
  • Junior Scientist needed (Science Island)


bentieman Khaaaan

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