Quest for Glory

Session 11

Into Razir

What Happened?

  • We enter Razir after being questioned and warned by the guards.
  • We meet Le Resitance (Shiraff).
  • The Vazir has hired his own adventurers to go get some needed ingredient for his ritual. It supposedly lies in the Forbidden City and the door to the city can only be opened the same night as the ritual is taking place.
  • Go to the Blue Parrot Inn and meet Ferrari. Super creepy guy (Ugarti) sells us some information, namely that we were expected. Ferrari and Ugarti seem uncomfortably helpful.
  • We witness Ugarti get arrested for water smuggling. We (Whiskers) rescued him.
  • We’ve decided that following the Vazirs adventurers will likely result in us having to attack the palace anyway. So, we decided to eliminate the middle man and just go there first on the night of the ritual.
  • A huge number of city guards show up outside the inn to arrest us. We run away under cover of Invisibility and head to Le Resistance. Shiraff is back and has the location to the Forbidden City, but he has no idea when the other adventurers will leave or how they will get there.
  • Change of plans again. Now we’re looking to ambush the adventurers before they enter the Forbidden City.
  • After hours of waiting, no one shows up. So, we go into the hole (the entrance to the Forbidden City, we assume).
  • While navigating a magically darkened path, we’re attacked by a pair of Djinni. We kill them easily.
  • Next, we have to cross an underground river against a fearsome wind. Two water genies attack us. We kill them.
  • We cross the river and go up a slope and we can feel heat coming from ahead.


  • Masterwork Scimitar (160 gp)
  • Masterwork Trident (160 gp)

What Do We Do Next?

We continue onward.


bentieman Khaaaan

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