Prophecy of Spielburg
The prophecy within the counter-curse to the curse placed on Spielburg by Baga Yaga.

“Come heroes from the east,
free the man from the beast,
bring the child out of the band,
and drive the Ogress from the land.”

The Prophecy of Suleiman

One thousand years and a Year,
so shall Ibis be caught,
In the tombstones of the City,
where he and I once fought.
Until moonlight has been captured,
twixt the Scorpion and Drake,
Then comes a hero from the North,
and ancient powers wake.

Led and followed by a Dark one,
guide to deceit and despair,
Passing through the Trial by Fire,
Trials of Water, Earth, and Air;
Passing through the Door unopened,
barrier that yields to none,
By my name of Suleiman,
So shall this be done!

Come at last unto betrayal,
and to ‘He who waits behind’,
Seek ye then to capture Ibis,
’ere he rises inconfined.
Else shall come the night eternal,
Darkness overshadows Light,
Unless a hero seeks the darkness,
and restores the wrongs to right.

Melest’s Judgement
You are one with yourself, and shall be what you have been. Your skills are in harmony with your nature. By your actions, you have shown yourself to be straightforward and conscientious. You will do everything you can to achieve your chosen mission. You have been judged worthy.

Lyran’s Judgement
By your actions, you have shown yourself to be compassionate and considerate of others. Through your actions, you have shown intelligence and wisdom. These are counterbalanced by your compassion and love. You have been judged worthy.

Wimnor’s Judgement
You did not choose the most straightforward path. You refuse to accept obvious answers, and reject conformity. You did not choose actions guided by emotion. Your intellect overrides your feelings, and you make decisions without sentimental bias. You have been judged worthy.

Whisker’s Judgement
That which you are and that which you should be are not the same. Your life has been lived as a thief, but your desires and actions belie this. Your soul is in conflict, but it is only because you are greater than what you have tried to be. You have been judged worthy.

Prophecy From the Judgement of Sekmet

Thou hast unleashed the darkness,
And the Darkness now encircles thee.
Ye must walk a narrow path to bring back the light.
Let the first part of thy path be guided by friendship.
Thy feet already walk upon this path. Two thou hast known before.
Three thou shalt free. One thou hast brought low, then helped to
rise again. One shall stand thy rival and thy friend.
The sword shall cross thy path, and bonds shall be cut asunder.
Seek thou the least of guides to lead thee to the depths of darkness.
Now thou art opener of the way and all thy heart has called shall draw near to thee.
Two shall stand and five shall follow to face their greatest foe in a
battle they cannot win, for thou must walk alone to free them all.
Seek thee now the highest tower to find the Door to Darkness.
Living stone shall block thy way then bridge thee to thy foe.
When thou hast destroyed the Master of Magics then must thou close the Demon’s Gate.
This is that which might yet be. Thy path is thine own to follow or not. Go forth now, bringer of the light.

First Gypsy Tarot Reading
“The first cards are the Significator. They are the symbols of the subjects of the Reading.”
“This is the Knight of Swords. This card represents a person who is courageous and skilled. This is one who holds the ideal of Chivalry and Goodness. One who is willing to face death gladly to uphold what he knows is right and true.”
“This card represents one of great skills and will. This is a person of great imagination and creativity, tempered by self-knowledge and control. This is the card of the Magus, the card of occult knowledge and power.”
“The King of Swords represents a man of resource and determination. It shows valor, skill and bravery. This is the sign of leaders and warriors.”
“The Page of Swords is a card of vigilance and agility. The person this represents is skilled at perceiving the hidden, at spying, and uncovering the unknown. This is a person who has mastery over his body, and is lithe and active.”
“These cards clearly represent you, and therefore, this Reading is about you.”
The cards which surround the Significator represent the influences which affect your current situation.
This next card represents something from the distant past which is relevant to the here and now.
Turn over this card and reveal the influence of your past.
This card is the High Priestess. It is inverted, which means the meanings too are turned upside down.
The High Priestess is some woman of your past. She is a person of selfishness and passion. Someone who seems to be very powerful, but her knowledge is limited by her own conceit.
Turn over the next card to reveal more of this individual.
The Four of Coins is the card of the miser. This woman of your past has power, but uses it selfishly. This is a person who cares only of her own needs and wants, and does not care what she does or how she influences others.
This person is one who, as long as you satisfy her needs and vanity, will be willing to aid you, providing it does not require any amount of effort on her part.
However, if you act against her, her vengeance will be swift and violent.
This is not a person to disregard, and she plays an important part in the events around you.
Reveal the next card — something of the more recent past which has consequences in the present.
“This is the inverted King of Coins. This is an old and vicious man, someone who is willing to use any means to attain his desires. Someone who is dangerous, and cannot be trusted or underestimated.”
“Reveal the next card, that we may learn more of this person.”
“The Devil! This is indeed an ill omen. This person is influenced by black magic, a man of power and dark desires. Yet the Devil is a sign of bondage and subservience, and this person has faced unexpected failure of some sort.”
“This is someone of great evil, someone who cannot be trusted. This is one who bears you ill-will, yet is somehow prevented from harming you or gaining his revenge… for now.”
“Should he gain his freedom, this man will seek to destroy all which stands between his goals and himself.”
“Turn over the next card to reveal a surrounding influence.”
The Queen of Cups — again there is a female influencing your present. This is a woman of wisdom and love. She is kind, generous, and virtuous.
Let us see what next the cards reveal of this person.
The Star is a symbol of hope and spiritual influence. This is a woman in touch with her magical nature. She is gentle and loving, yet there is great strength within.
“This is a woman who generates hope and help through her actions.”
“The next card reveals the over-riding influence upon the future.”
“The Queen of Swords is a woman of wit and skill. Yet she has suffered through terrible hardship, and she is marked by her suffering.”
“She faces her sorrows bravely, but with a deep loneliness.”
“The next card will tell us more about her.”
“The Moon is the card of deception. This woman is a deceiver, or is deceived by her own beliefs. This card also reveals the magical nature of the woman — this is the strength which sustains her.”
“She is either surrounded by false friends, or seeks to betray you herself. She is the victim, or the villainess.”
“The final card will reveal the influence which will most affect you.”
“The Void! About this card, I will not speak. I must meditate upon its meaning.”

Second Gypsy Tarot Reading
This reading is of the ill-omened man. We shall learn more of his purpose and past. The next card you turn shall show the distant past.

The queen of swords. Some time in the past, this man has met the mystery lady of your present. He may have been betrayed by her, or perhaps he is the betrayer of the lady. And what is her influence? Ah, the Magician. The woman of mystery has magic also. One is the teacher of the other. The order of the cards suggest it is the woman who was the master, and the man her apprentice. The events you face now obviously began in the dark past. Let us learn now of the more recent ones.

The ace of swords? Ah, this is your own influence upon the man. It seems you were as important to his history as he was to your own. And the manner in which you affected him…oh my. Death, the card of transformation. You are the agent of this man’s failure and loss. You altered his life irrevocably. Even if you destroyed him, he still influences the present. That the cards chose to reveal information about him shows that he is again a player in the game of your life. What next can we learn of this one?

In the present, the eight of swords. This is the card of conflict and domination. The last card which crossed this man was also a symbol of bondage. He is somehow a prisoner, or an unwilling accomplice of another. Let us see if the cards will further explain this relationship. The five of clubs? This is the card of conflict and struggle. This man does not take his bondage lightly. Let us see what the cards show of his hopes and desires.

The Chariot represents triumph and vengeance. There is a strong need to gain control of the situation, of his life. He may seek escape, but escape is clearly not enough. Let us see in what way he may triumph. Hmm, this time the Devil is inverted. The meanings may differ, but this is a card that bodes no good whichever way it lies. Your man clearly seeks release, but with that freedom, he will also seek revenge. Whatever or whoever binds him now cannot contain him forever. He will seek his revenge, and you will need to be wary. You will face him again in a struggle to the death.

Now let us reveal the card that rules over the past and the present. Oh, the dark card of the Void. The influence of the Dark One overshadows all. No more shall be revealed, nor shall things be spoken at this time.

Third Gypsy Tarot Reading

Ah, the Queen of Swords, the mystery woman will now be revealed. Let us see that which was her distant past.

The eight of swords. In her past, she has been dominated and defeated. Her Significator card reinforces this impression of tragedy, of some cruel event that shaped her life. Let us learn more. Hmm, Strength is the card of courage and defiance. That which bound her in the past could not break her. She gained her freedom not through luck, but through her own actions. This is a woman with great inner qualities. The tragedy of her past has molded her present, but she alone has shaped her life through fortitude and determination. Reveal now that which is in the more recent past.

The sign of the Magus, the master of magic and self. She has great power and self-confidence. This can also imply self-deception and illusion, as well. Let us learn what else the cards will reveal of this woman. An inverted Death! This signifies stagnation. She has not grown beyond the past. Rather, she is trapped by immobility. She is changeless, and her gains have been balanced by her losses. What now can we learn of the present?

The ten of clubs, I see. This card shows that she is working towards some goal, some desire that has yet to be fulfilled. It can also show power used for selfish purposes, some result she desires heedless of the cost to others. Again, turn the card to reveal more. Ah, the three of cups is the card of love! Her present is influenced by affection for another. It seems that our mystery woman is falling in love with someone. This is not what she was striving for; it is something in addition to her current goals. Now you shall reveal the future as she would have it.

The World is the summation of all desires and goals. It can represent the reward of all one’s actions, or the admiration of others. This can be the symbol of eternal life. It can mean attainment of ultimate power and perfection. Now will the cards reveal more of her desires. Ha, the seven of cups! This is truly the card of illusionary goals. That which she seeks is only a delusion. What she desires and what she will gain through her actions are very different things. She cannot see that she is seeking an illusion, and should she attain her goal, she will ultimately lose. Now let us see the card which rules over all.

Fie, the Void again! The Dark One plays a part in her present and future as well. Somehow her goals are linked to it. Everyone in this accursed land is affected by the Dark One! Aiee, that we had never set foot here! The reading is over. No more shall be said about this.

Fourth Gypsy Tarot Reading

The woman of loving shall be revealed. What may we now learn of her distant past?
The Magician. This is the sign of magic and creativity. She, as the others who influence your life, has the Power. She is one to whom magic has been the strongest influence upon her life. She is a master weaver of spells. What next can we learn? The ace of cups is the sign of overflowing joy and happiness. This is a woman who uses her power joyfully, giving gracefully and lovingly to others. She is generous and loving, and she has shown this through her use of magic. This woman gives from her heart. What now can we learn of the more recent past?
The eight of swords again? Your gentle woman, too, has been bound by something. A crisis has occurred, a defeat, or imprisonment by someone. What more can we learn? Ah, the two of swords. This is a sign of balanced force, a stalemate, of things not coming to a resolution. That with which the woman came into conflict has also been held in check. They were locked in battle, or they were both defeated in the past. What, then, of the present? Reveal the next card.
The Hanged Man is the symbol of sacrifice. The conflict in the past required this woman to give up something of great value. She has paid some great price, but the outcome is uncertain. Let us see the next card. Alas, the four of swords shows a tomb and someone at final rest. The woman’s sacrifice was exile or possibly even death. Yet her sacrifice still affects you. Somehow I cannot believe that her sacrifice was in vain. Now let us see that of her possible future.
The Dark One! This is the first time in these readings that the Darkness-which-lies-waiting has been active rather than merely a major influence. Somehow, this woman is bound by the Darkness. Whether she has been subverted, or destroyed, I cannot tell. Something remains, else there would be no reading. I think that this powerful woman battled with the Dark One. She was defeated, or perhaps sacrificed herself to prevent it from entering this world. But what will be the outcome of all this? The inverted knight of—you! Then you are not only a friend to the Roma, but a great hero as well. Your destiny shall affect the world, my young friend. You will determine the fate of this woman. You shall face the Dark One. Reveal the final influence upon this reading.
The Void again. So, the Darkness still covers all. I had hoped that you might be spared…that you might not have to face the Darkness. But that is the way of the hero, is it not? To face that which others fear and dread? Go now, learn what you can of the Dark One. The more you know of your enemy, the greater the chances you have against it.

Prophecy of the Sybil
I am the Sybil, who sees what is to come. Hear now the future that fate brings you. Your way is darkened with blood and death. The first death you soon face is Death itself. Embrace it or not, Death shall soon drag you to its depths. Go willingly and you will gain.

The next death you face is one whose fate crosses yours. That which he cannot own, he would destroy. He will seek victory, even in his defeat.

Seven deaths, and the Dragon grows restless in dreamless sleep. Four posts that pinned it to darkness have been broken in blood. Three more shall be shattered with death. The last death shall awaken the Dragon fully. New awakened, the Dragon is weak. Each feel of fear and pain feeds it. Fix first the pillar, or it shall fly free.

Death brought the Dragon to life. Only death shall defeat it. One must give up life willingly before the Dragon can die. Without sacrifice, the Dragon is deathless.

Your way is marked with death. Face it gladly, and your way is marked with glory. That is the fate that awaits you.


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