Game Notes

Excerpt from Mad Monks Diary

It says something about the first ritual being “placed within the Mad Monk’s Tombstone, there to be forever guarded by followers.” The second ritual shall be placed in the “Stone of Squids” and revealed only by the light of a dead child’s soul. The next ritual shall be placed in the hollow of the Hangman’s Tree, and guarded by the spirit of the dead which remains there. The Blood Ritual shall be concealed magically within the Monastery, and only he who willingly seeks dark visions shall find it. The Mouth Ritual shall be placed in the Great Arch itself, under the Dark One’s Sign. And the Heart Ritual shall be given to someone named Gregor for safe keeping. There is another note on this page in another’s handwriting—“Gregor is missing in the forest and probably dead—yet where is the Heart Ritual?”

Twin Gravestones
“No effort could Elyssa save; she passed into a wat’ry grave. Her body was lost; only her memory remains.”
“Here lies Janos. Faithful Forever to his Lost True Love, laid beside her empty grave.”

Rusalka Cure
Our legends tell of the way to free the spirit of one who was murdered. First, she must know who she was and remember how she died. Then you must take the hair of the dead woman and weave it into a broom. Beat the broom three times upon the murderer’s grave and he will come forth! This act can be very dangerous. If the ghost of the murderer rises, it will attack you. You must be ready to destroy it. The last thing you must do is to give the spirit that which she truly desires. Then at last her spirit will be freed, and she will rest.

Stone at Delos
“Peace Unto Hades. All waters that flow in the earth, flow to Hades.
Alas, all life soon flows there too.
Where those waters flow, a gate will open.
Alas, too soon it opens for you.

When death is near, then pour the waters.
Alas, they flow to Hades’ shore.
Where darkness awaits at the river’s end.
Alas, this lament shall open the door.

Sing unto Hades this sad sorrow’s song.
Alas, all life is quickly passed,
And the gates of Hades shall open before you.
Alas, this song shall be your last.”
Aperire portas inferi.

Game Notes

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