Character Creation

Ability Scores – Fantasy build point buy of 20 points.

Races – New races Katta and Half-Faerie.
Humans – Humans are a relatively new race to Thera, but one that has quickly made its mark on the many lands they have visited.

Dwarves – Dwarves originate from the land far to the north east: Surria. This cold tundra of a land has been home to the dwarves for ages, where they reside in both underground fortresses as well as huge castles above ground. Here they tame and ride their ten legged calots both above and below ground. Dwarves outside of Surria are quite rare, not often seen in human lands, but certainly not unheard of.

Elves – Elves are from the Land of Porce far to the south east, south of Surria. The western part of this huge forest, known as the Istan Forest, is home of the faerie folk, relatives to the elves of Porce. Not much is known of the mysterious elves, other than they are in tune with nature and magic. Elves are not any more or less rare than dwarves in human lands, but they are generally looked at with more awe and wonder due to their mysteriousness.

Gnomes – Gnomes are a mysterious and magical race as well, but in a much different way than elves. They don’t seem to have a homeland, but just have always been where humans are, though they generally tend towards the more advanced human civilizations. They are pranksters and jokers even more so than the normal fantasy gnome, and are therefore often looked at with exasperation by the larger races, or even sometimes prejudice.

Halflings – Halflings are a strong and brave race, a race hailed and honored by most lands in Myrope. They from the country of Frants, where their southern border touches Pain and Tortugal, two of the darkest, evilest, most foul lands harboring the most evil creatures of the material plane. Halflings wage a constant battle against these forces, residing in great fortresses connected with huge walls.

Half-Orc – Not a playable race.

Half-Elf – Not a playable race.

Level – You will begin at 2nd level. Max hp for first level.

Classes – Heroes come in all shapes and colors, don’t be fooled by the name. A rogue is highly recommended, but not required, as there will be traps, along with “rogue-ish” adventures available. If the party build doesn’t have the skills, adventures will be modified as need be.
No Magus for obvious reasons.
No Paladin, instead it is a template that is earned.
If there is no healer, we can use house rules again.
Clerics will be picking from the new pantheon.
Summoner Eidolon AC bonus halved.

Skills – Due to the reincarnation process, everyone has knowledge from at least one of their past lives. For every Wisdom score modifier, pick one skill; that skill is a class skill for you and you receive a +1 bonus to it.

Languages – The following are among the most common in Thera.
Common, Dwarven, Gnome, Halfling, Elven, Goblin, Orc, Faerie, Giant, Draconic, Gnoll, Sylvan, Aklo, Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial, Auran, Aquan, Ignan, Terran, Swahili (spoken throughout the country of Fricana), Golgovian (spoken throughout the countries of Golgovia, including Mordavia), Arabic (spoken throughout the country of Arabia), Germanic (spoken throughout the countries of northern Myrope), Groman (spoken throughout the countries of southern Myrope).

Feats/Traits – House Rule: When using the Power Attack feat with a two-handed weapon, the damage bonus granted from Power Attack does not increase by 50%. This is a new house rule. I am hoping it will make weapon & shield warriors and two-handed fighters more viable than they are now. Otherwise, just let me know if you pick anything you feel is overpowered. (Such as traits that give you uncanny dodge for free.)
I will be allowing any of the new traits, drawbacks, or story feats from the new Ultimate Campaign, just run it by me first.

Equipment – As 2nd level adventurers, start with 1,000 gp.

Background – For whatever reason, you have wanted to become a Hero. Maybe this was a dream as you grew up, or maybe you stumbled upon it recently; either way, becoming an Adventurer and joining the local Guild has become a goal of yours. Then you found a brochure for the Famous Adventurer’s Correspondence Course! For only a pittance/fortune for shipping and handling, you were able to take the renowned course normally only offered in the island kingdom of Silmaria. A short six months later, you were presented with your certificate of completion and very own Adventurer’s Guild Card (reprints of any lost cards will be fined.) Not only did you graduate though, but with honors! Because of that, you have been specially selected to receive this high-priority assignment/advertisement:
No experience necessary. Visit beautiful Spielburg, fight monsters, defeat brigands. Reward and title “Hero of Spielburg” to the successful applicants.
Fortunately, you won’t be alone. Other newly graduated adventurers have received the same announcement, and there will be a meet-and-greet at the local Adventurer’s Guild in Spielburg Town! An excellent opportunity to get out of town, meet other adventurers, and make some money. You gather your belongings and head for Spielburg, figuring you’ll make it there just a day or two before the meet-and-greet date.

Some questions to think about for your background (along with the normal background stuff):
Where are you from? This doesn’t necessarily have to be from one of the areas detailed or mentioned in the wiki. There is a lot of area that hasn’t been defined yet, so if you want to make up another origin point, please do. For the areas that are detailed, please reference them on the wiki, each will have questions for characters specifically from that area. If you do choose to be from an area detailed, do you know any one living there? Talk with me about this.
Why do you want to be an adventurer/hero?

You will begin at 2nd level. Despite the advertisement, you do have some experience because of your classes. What adventure or heroic deeds did you do during your training?

You will have had a chance to meet the others, if not awkwardly, at the Adventurer’s Guild in town. We can do introductions first session, and either role-play the meet-and-greet out, conduct it over the forums prior, or assume it went swimmingly and that you have all at least broken the ice with each other.

Character Creation

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