Quest for Glory

Session 4

What Happened?

  • Followed by a white fox. Wimnor talks to the fox and the creature turns out to be the white Stag we saw in the forest days ago (in another form). The fox told us to seek out the Dryad in the forest where we first saw the stag because she wishes to help us in our quest to become heroes.
  • As we near Spielberg, a group of guards meet us to escort us to the Baron’s keep.
  • The Baron rewards us with a feast and 1,000 gp (each) and requested we stay on in the Valley to try to solve the numerous problems therein.
  • The Baron tells us his tale of visiting the Dryad.
  • We tell the Baron about the “blind spots” in Erana’s Blessing over the city.
  • Whiskers talked to Kaspar Hauser who asked us to look for his father (or father’s remains as we think).
  • Quests New posts at the Adventurer’s Guild: 1) from Kaspar to find his father, 2) from Butch & Syliss need help finding their friends [meet at the tavern], 3) from Wolfgang needs a Mantrey head to complete his collection [giant manta ray that flies; hides in forests; comes out at night; has lightning on its tail] – wants an escort.
  • We decided to get a good night’s rest (although Whiskers went out late for his own reasons)and go to the cemetery in the morning.
  • We discover that Whiskers has an unhealthy “relationship” with yarn.
  • We meet the butcher and baker in the tavern. “Our buddy, Carl Chandelier (the candle maker) , got bored, left a goodbye note, and ran away to become a brigand. Then a note came a few months later full of regret for his decision, but the brigands won’t let him leave. He want’s the heroes to come rescue him and gives information about where the weekly patrol will be.”
  • We head to the cemetery. The grounds of the cemetery seem fine, so we investigate the crypt in the middle.
  • Once in the crypt, we start to investigate, but we’re interrupted by one of the coffins opening and a skeletal hand reaching out. Four Ghouls and two Ghasts attack us! Whiskers is paralyzed by a Ghoul and then it ignores the rest of us to maul Whiskers on the ground! Then Melest gets paralyzed as well. And then Lyran is paralyzed. Lyran & Whiskers shake off the palatalization and rally to finish off the Ghouls.
  • Deeper in the crypt, a pair of Skeletons (one is the remains of Hans Houser) rises up to attack us. After we defeat them, the spirit of Hans rises out of the remains and thanks us for freeing him. He asks us to bring his amulet to his son. he also tells us Baba Yaga’s three weaknesses: 1) mirrors, 2) food, 3) her familiars.
  • We find a secret door. Beyond is a chamber with a single sarcophagus. While trying to disable a trap, Whiskers sets it off, but dodges the poisoned razor that springs out. Inside we find the remains of the man the original King granted the valley to.
  • We leave the magic armor and other things in the sarcophagus and take the guard’s things to the Baron. The Baron is not as receptive or generous as we had hoped.
  • We go to Kaspar. He gives us a + 1 Cloak of Resistance.
  • Whiskers finds that most of us are diseased (Ghoul Fever), so we go to Amelia Appleberry. Excpet Whiskers. he goes off to “buy more yarn.” Actually, only Melest is diseased, but an antiplague cleans it right up.
  • We head out to ambush the brigands. We dig a pit trap at the end of a bridge and set up blinds to hide behind.
  • Six bandits, a bandit leader, and Carl show up. The pit doesn’t support the weight we had hoped and only one brigand falls in the pit. We defeat them easily with only Melest taking any damage.
  • Carl gives us some information about the bandits and their hideout, including the rumor that there is a secret back entrance.
  • The butcher and baker give us some magic cards (Deck of Illusions)as a reward.


All loot has been sold and/or distributed.

What Do We Do Next?

We’re headed to see the Dryad, look for the Mantray, and maybe attack the brigands.

Session 3

What Happened?

  • Looted the Ogre & his tiny chest.
  • We enter the Ogre’s cave and find three Slurks. We killed them, but melest was hurt badly.
  • In the next chamber we found three Pech and two more Slurks! Two more Pech show up from the south passage. A bit later, a leader Pech riding a Slurk rides into the fight. We are victorious, but hurt.
  • Find a chamber filled with webs, two small spiders, and a medium-sized spider. We defeat them and find a magic ring on a dead humanoid body.
  • We come to a large chamber past a series of ledges where there is a very big bear chained to a post in the center of the room. We drive it into the back of the room, give it osme food, and move past it.
  • In another chamber are two fungus-covered crickets. We klll them.
  • After enduring a hallway full of magic traps, we come to a large chamber with a Pech Sorcerer in it. After a very tough fight where most of us fall in at least one magically conjured pit, we defeat her.
  • When we release the bear from the chain, it changes shape into the Baronnet! He thanks us, tells us to go to his father, and then uses a magic amulet to teleport away.


All loot has been distributed.

What Do We Do Next?

We will start next session in town, prior to seeing the Baron or getting a chance to buy/craft anything.

Welcome to Spielburg
Adventurer's Guild Meet-and-Greet

What Happened

  • Meet & Greet at the Adventurer’s Guild. Only four of us show up. Wolfgang introduces and gives brief history lesson.
  • Wolfgang mentions that Zara Shashina needs help with something, so we go to talk to her.
  • Job Board: 1) Amelia Appleberry needs help finding a lost ring and some spell components, 2) the Baron’s son, his daughter, and his jester are all missing, 3) WANTED: Brigand Leader, 4) WANTED Brigand Warlock, 5) Zara Shashina HELP WANTED!
  • Zara wants us to recover a small chest holding a magic item. It was stolen by Goblins who ambushed her couriers. Then she wants us to deliver it to Arasmus at Zalburberg (near the big purple mountain to the northeast). She offers us 1,000 gp plus whatever Arasmus gives us.
  • We go to Amelia Appleberry to ask what she needs. Her ring was lost when she took it off to make potions (it may have been stolen). It’s her family ring (gold shaped like leaves). She’s looking for Components: trollbeard, cheetar claws, Aranah’s peace flowers, magic mushrooms.
  • Lyran thinks Amelia’s ring may have been carried off my her own pet, Teresa. Whiskers climbed the tree, found the ring, managed to free the ring from the nest without destroying it, and brought it back to Amelia. Gives us each a Potion of Cure Light Wounds.
  • We go to talk to Wolfgang about the Goblins. He thinks someone is organizing the Goblins and have taken over a fort to the northeast.
  • Spend night at “A Heroes’ Tale Inn.” We talk to Abdulla Doo who tells us his entire fortune was stolen by the brigands after his guards fled. he was ambushed at the east pass.
  • We set of for the Goblin fort bright and early the next day. We arrive within view of the fort and begin our preparations. We lure the Goblins out of the courtyard with an illusion of a dog. We easily deal with three Golins and two Goblin Dogs.
  • We move inside and confront two Goblins, a Goblin Snake, and a Goblin Alchemist throwing Scrap Bombs (and he has Flaming Longspear)! Two Goblin Dogs join the fight.
  • Although Lyran and Melest are hurt badly, we prevail and loot the bodies.
  • Investigating the rest of the fort, we find another Goblin Snake. We dispatch it quickly, but a door opens and four Goblins with a Goblin carrying a flaming skull come in to attack us.
  • The flaming skull misses and in doing so, the thrower was consumed in flames and turns into a flaming skull. Wimnor’s Color Spray takes out two of the Goblins and we deal with the rest.
  • A room with a hot purple lump (that burned up the spear we used to flick it into the corner) also makes some people fall asleep. We found a magic scroll in here.
  • Room under the tower is full of rats. We threw the strange alchemist admixture at the room and sealed the rats inside.
  • Room beyond the sleep room is a bedroom. Whiskers gets hit with a poison needle trap on a chest he unlocked.
  • While clearing out rooms, we’re ambushed by a Hexapus. It grabs Melest’s face, but the other guys kill it. Had to deal with the dilemma of the flaming Goblin skull bomb.


  • Small leather armor x9
  • Small light wooden shield x9
  • Small short sword x9
  • Small shortbow x9
  • Small arrows x140
  • Small light crossbow
  • Small crossbow bolt x10
  • Masterwork Studded Leather
  • Poison (unknown)
  • Hybridization Funnel (200 gp)
  • Potion of Hide From Animals
  • Magic Stone (Room 11)

What Do We Need To Do?

Nothing. We have cleared the top level of the fort and are preparing to delve into the basement.


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