Quest for Glory

Session 33

Saving a Dragon Pillar...for now

What Happened?

  • We go looking around for a description of Atlantis so we can Teleport there.
  • The dude from the Adventurer’s Guild has been there and can tell us about it.
  • We should bring something from the surface for the Queen (flowers). The city is actually on Skyros. We get details on secret passages and the Queen’s bed chamber.
  • We go to Science Island to see if they have some way to breathe underwater. When we get there, no one is around, We can hear a noise coming from behind a wall.
  • Whiskers works the “scientific lock” to get us in the secret lab.
  • We talk to Dr. Mobius.
  • We guard the Dragon Pillar. At night we hear a woman scream and then she runs out of cover towards.
  • She claims to have been attacked by someone named Bruno. The woman IS Bruno (the asshole bandit from Spielberg) and attacks Lyran. We take him down, but Lyran is afflicted with Black Lotus poison.
  • We question Bruno. We get nothing useful. Lyran executes him.
  • We Teleport to Atlantis, turn ourselves over to the guards, and hope we’ll get to speak to the Queen.
  • We negotiate a truce with the Queen and she tells us about the Prophecy Stone. Whoever holds the Stone will become the Dragon of Doom. The lore to repair the Dragon Pillars has been lost.
  • We go back to ponder our plight and to report our victory.
  • Elsa come to us to tell us the shocking news that Minos is behind all the troubles. Whaaaaaaaaa?
  • We rest and go the announcement the next morning.
  • The last rite is the Rite of Justine (go get Minos).
    *The Dragon Pillar was destroyed in our absence.
  • We Teleport to Minos’s island to find out what’s really going on.


  • Mercenary note ordering them to interfere with the Rites. Signed by “M”
  • + 2 Belt of Strength
  • + 1 Shocking Dagger
  • + 1 Amulet of Natural Armor
  • Hat of Greater Disguise
  • + 1 Ring of protection
  • Masterwork Chain Shirt
    (8,276 gp)

What Do We Do Next?

  • Next

Current Quests

  • Compete in the Rites of Rulership.
  • Meet Arana on the Isle of Limnos.
  • Mete Katrina on the Isle of Zante.


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