Quest for Glory

Session 31

Fucking Assassin, Man

What Happened?

  • We turn in the Teeth of the Hydra.
  • No new assassinations, but a third Dragon Pillar has been destroyed. A civilian was abducted and used as a sacrifice to destroy the pillar (we assume).
  • We decide to investigate the unbroken pillars. “…shall be driven into the cave of dragonblood.” “…shall be weakened.” “…the doom cannot triumph while I still stand.” “…now sleeps.”
  • We decided to let the villain destroy the next pillar during the next rite, since then we think we know which pillar will be after that.
  • We go to Science Island. The entrance is blocked with a giant gear with a glowing green screen.
  • We pass the science quiz and enter.
  • Dr. Mobius is there (Gort’s creator).
  • Dr. Mobius talks to us about tests to become a lab Junior Scientist.
  • (Whiskers robs the bank. From the ledgers he learned that Minos withdrew his money from the bank to build his island “retreat.” Unfortunately, all the gold for the Rites was transferred to the Royal Vault.)
  • We get a sample of the poison to give to Dr. Mobius to study.
  • The fourth Rite is Island of Delos to speak to the Prophet Sybil. The Rite of Destiny.
  • Rakeesh tells us the island is inhabited by Dryads.
  • We head off to Delos with some contingency plans. Rakeesh is sending guards to the two pillars we think are in danger.
  • The assassin attacks Rakeesh and teleports away again. Lyran gives him a Potion of Delay Poison.
  • We meet a Dryad who will direct us to the Sybil in exchange for the story of our deeds in Tarna. Whiskers gives them the awesome Pegasus water and Melest gives them the seed of the Venomous Vines.
  • The Dryad escorts us to the Prophet.
  • There’s a black lotus in a fountain. Could that be the base foe the poison?
  • We summon forth Sybil and she lays a portent on us.
  • “You way is marked with death. Face it gladly.” Also, the fourth pillar is already broken.
  • We Teleport back to the city. We’ve won four of the seven Rites.
  • Erasmus has been poisoned and cannot be woken. His chocolate was poisoned.
  • The “sleep” pillar was the one destroyed.
  • We deliver the black lotus to the apothecary. Waters of Lethe may be of use in helping the poison victims recover.
  • We go to talk to Fenris to learn about Erasmus. The chocolates were discovered on the platform with a note that they were sent by us. The writing looks like Mobius’s writing, but something’s not right about it.
    *To get to Hades, pour blood mixed with water into a hole (a spring) and chat the passage.
  • We go to Sapier to collect our stuff and go back for the Rites in the morning.
  • The fifth Rite is The Rite of Courage (bring back water from the Styx).
  • We go off the volcano looking for water flowing into the ground.


  • Mercenary note ordering them to interfere with the Rites. Signed by “M”
  • + 2 Belt of Strength (Wimnor)

What Do We Do Next?

  • Find a cure for the poison that is killing Ugarte, Rakeesh, and Erasmus.
  • Go to Hades.

Current Quests

  • Compete in the Rites of Rulership.


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