Quest for Glory

Session 30

Re-Assaulting the Keep

What Happened?

  • We Dimension Door into the General’s room and begin our counterattack.
  • With a combination of Phantasmal Web, Create Pit, and Black Tentacles we basically overran the General and his minions. A Scroll of Cloudkill, several Fireballs, and lots of invisible sneak attacks ended the fight.
  • We sell our booty and turn in the General’s sword.
  • Magnum Opus was found murdered by a second broken Dragon Pillar. He was killed with a poison dagger, just like Kokino.
  • The next Rite is “Journey to the Hydra and return with its teeth.”
  • Its a five-headed Dragon mostly immune to spells. It can only be harmed by magic weapons. It’s poisonous.
  • Whiskers meets with Ugarte to gain information about the assassin. The assassin strikes during the meeting and Ugarte gets poisoned. Wiskers administers a Potion of Delay Poison, but Ugarte is still unconscious
  • We take Ugarte to Jolinar the Healer, but all he could do is keep him stable. We need to find the plant that makes up the main ingredient of the poison if we hope to save him.
  • We go to kill the Hydra.
  • The Hydra’s blood is poisonous and very dangerous.
  • We kill the Hydra, take it’s teeth, and cure ourselves of the poison after a trip to Shapier.
  • We go off to Science Island to see if they have any information about the potion.


  • Mercenary note ordering them to interfere with the Rites. Signed by “M”
  • + 2 Belt of Strength

What Do We Do Next?

Find a cure for the poison that is killing Ugarte.

Current Quests

  • Compete in the Rites of Rulership.
  • Junior Scientist needed (Science Island)


bentieman Khaaaan

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