Quest for Glory

Session 29

The Second Rite

What Happened?

  • Notes
  • We go shopping.
  • Kokino was murdered and one of the Dragon Stones was broken.
  • The next rite is to kill General Claudius and bring back his sword.
  • We fly out to the island and use some spells to assist us in gaining entrance to the fort.
  • Our attempts to take out some guards silently fails and we’re now fighting the entire castle full of guards.
  • We were able to kill the lightning Sorcerer, but the General turned out to be a Cleric and his Blasphemy spell reduced Melest and Wiskers to helpless masses of flesh.
  • We were forced to Dimension Door away.
  • We heal up and prepare to Dimension Door back into fort.

What Do We Do Next?

All loot has been distributed.

Current Quests

  • Compete in the Rites of Rulership.
  • Junior Scientist needed (Science Island)


bentieman Khaaaan

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