Quest for Glory

Session 27

Who Wants to be King?

What Happened?

  • We leave Gaston in charge of our new chapter of the Adventurer’s Guild in Mordavia.
  • We Teleport to Shapir so we take a Flying Carpet to SIlmaria on the island of Marit.
  • The “recent troubles” involve invaders and the king has been assassinated.
  • We meet with Logos, the current councilor/regent of Silmaria. He believes that whomever assassinated the King will attempt to “fix” the Rites of Rulership so that their person becomes King of Silmaria. He wants us to compete (the Sultan has put up most of the entrance fee for us).
  • Other problems: invaders raiding fishing villages, Tritons harassing shipping, King assassinated, a well-respected merchant was also assassinated.
  • A poison dagger with a highly exotic poison killed the King.
  • Other contestants: Magnum Opus, Kokino Pukumisso, Gort, Elsa Von Spielberg.
  • We go to check in with the Adventurer’s Guild. Toro (Elsa’s guardian) is at the guild and he tells us that Elsa is with a man that he doesn’t like.
  • Staying at the Gnome-Ann’s Land Inn. We proceed to gather information about the other contestants and the possible location of some Pegasai.
  • Kokino has lived and worked (as a guard) in Silmaria since he was a child.
  • Magnum is from Rome and he’s a douche. Staying at the Dead Parrot Inn.
  • Elsa staying at the house of Minos (her companion) on an outlying island in a fortress. He’s a wealthy noble and used to advise the king. (We suspect he’s the bad guy for no real reason.)
  • Senor Fearraii owns the Dead Parrot Inn. He and Ugarte are there. Melest signs up for the Arena.
  • Pegasai or northwest of the island.
  • Sarah lost her wicker basket on the seashore by the “Dragon pillars.”
  • We go to the seashore to look for Sarah’s basket.
  • As we approach the Dragon Pillar, we’re attacked by potion-drinking Haespirian raiders. They are very, very tough, but we defeat them. We interrogate/Detect Thoughts on the one survivor. They are mercenaries hired led by a general named Claudius. He’s in a fortress on a nearby island.
  • We find the wicker basket (which is a magic Basket of Gathering) and study the Dragon Pillar – “By the placing of this pillar, the binding of the Dragon of Doom begins.”
  • We bring back the basket and go to the AG Correspondence school to learn about the Dragon of Doom? May have been a Black Dragon. It attacked Atlantis. The people escaped by becoming Tritons, sinking Atlantis, and building the five Dragon Pillars to bind it. Also something about a Prophecy Stone.
  • We go to the Arena to witness how the fights work and how good Kokino is. He is a spear & shield light Fighter.

What Do We Do Next?

All loot has been distributed.

Current Quests

  • Arena contestants needed (Senor Ferrari)
  • Compete in the Rites of Rulership.
  • Pegusus feathers for (Jolinar)
  • Junior Scientist needed (Science Island)


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