Quest for Glory

Session 26

Avoozl Banished!

What Happened?

  • We complete the final ritual (after being transported to some strange space.
  • Adaviz and Jamilla suddenly appear in the area and, after some threats, attack us.
  • Jamilla intervenes and saves Melest from Adaviz’s Phantasmal Killer.
  • Adaviz calls for his minions while blasting us with powerful spells.
  • Jamilla ends up sacrificing herself, banishing Avuzl, but Melest had to promise to “come for her.”
  • Vampire Spawn keep appearing in pairs, causing many problems.
  • As the crystal in the space begins to radiate holy radiance, we kill Adaviz.
  • Arana comes back into the world (as a spirit) and heaps praises upon us.
  • We find ourselves back in town at the Staff.
  • We rest the night and then head to the castle to rescue Tanya.
  • Tanya is awake when we get there and convinces he guardian to let us in to talk.
  • She gives us a question for her parents and a message.
  • We return that night and notice that night time is no longer super creepy and cursed.
  • We bring Tanya and Toby to the Staff in the town.
  • The voice of Aranah asks who will trade their lie for the life of the child. Toby volunteers. Melest tries to intercept the blow. The staff drops Melest, but doesn’t kill him. Toby dies. Tanya is no longer a Vampire. We bring her back to her family.
  • There’s a big celebration and it’s announced that the swamp is drying up, that trade with the outside world can begin again, and that the castle will once again be a bastion of protection.
  • The Councilor of Silmaria has sent a note requesting our assistance signed by Logos, Rakeesh, Arasmus, and Fenris.

What Do We Do Next?

All loot has been distributed.

Current Quests

  • Get Baba Yaga to lift the curse on Punybones the Gnome.
  • Go to Logos in Silmaria.


bentieman Khaaaan

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